While the rumours are true that Niman Gelgoot and Associates is winding down after more than 20 years, there's no need for concern.

Effective September 1, 2019, the spirit of the firm will live on in two new incarnations: Gelgoot & Partners LLP, and Niman Mamo LLP. Harold Niman will continue to provide counsel to both firms.


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Our lawyers are experienced in the negotiation, litigation, and resolution of all aspects of family law disputes, including complex property, support, and custody cases. All members of our firm have extensive mediation, arbitration, and litigation experience.


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Evidence in Family Law

Several lawyers at NGA co-authored chapters that appear in the text;
Evidence in Family Law, which was published by the Cartwright Group Ltd. in July of 2010. Harold Niman served as the editor and Anita Volikis served as associate editor.

The book deals with a wide range of topics, including the Family Law Rules, children's evidence, forensic evidence, child protection proceedings, and introducing fresh evidence. This resource provides some much needed clarity in this murky and sometimes problematic area of the law.